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Men at Midnight Moonlight Cruises, with NYC's Spirit Cruises

Cruising the Hudson from Chelsea Piers at Midnight


There are plenty of places for gay guys to party in Manhattan, but the popular Spirit Cruises tour company (866-483-3866) offers an interesting late-night alternative: 2.5-hour Men at Midnight Moonlight Cruises along the Hudson River, complete with a full bar, a DJ spinning tunes on a large dance floor, and amazing views of the New York City skyline.

These wild rides, some of them hosted by renowned DJ Drew G, take place a few times per year (on June 26, August 7, September 11, and December 4, in 2009). They depart from the legendary Chelsea Piers, on the edge of Manhattan's most gay-popular neighborhood. The cruises board at midnight, depart at 12:30 am, and return at 3 am, and the cost is $26.90 per person. Sounds like a pretty fun way to change your perspective on New York City gay nightlife!

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