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Tucson Gay Pride 2013 - Pride in the Desert 2013

Celebrating the Tucson Pride Festival


A scenic, artsy city with a major university presence, Tucson has always been a welcoming place for gays and lesbian to live and visit, so it's no surprise that the city holds a particularly well-attended Gay Pride festival, called Pride in the Desert. Held during the region's beautiful, sunny autumn, Pride in the Desert has taken place here since 1977, and these days it pulls in not only members of the local community but plenty of GLBT folks from Arizona's largest city, Phoenix, as well as relatively nearby Southwestern cities like El Paso and Albuquerque.

Pride in the Desert takes place in mid-October - the date this year is October 12, 2013. Further details will be posted here as information becomes available.

Many Tucson gay bars as well as gay-popular restaurants, hotels, and shops have special events and parties centered around Pride Weekend. Check local gay papers, such as Wingspan Center's newsletter, Echo Magazine, and ION Arizonafor details, as well as the handy AZ Gay Pride Guide, GoGayArizona.com. Also check out the excellent visitor information site produced by the Tucson Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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