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Mobile Alabama Pride 2014 - Mobile Gay Pride 2014

Celebrating Mobile Alabama's Gay Pride Festival


Mobile Alabama Pride 2014 - Mobile Gay Pride 2014

Gabriel's, one of downtown Mobile's most popular gay bars

photo by Andrew Collins

A city whose elegant architecture and courtly downtown reveals its Spanish and French heritage, Mobile is Alabama's third-largest city and one of the most charming communities in the Gulf South - it's also host to one of the country's largest Mardi Gras celebrations (it's been going on here even longer than the one in New Orleans). Although this city of about 200,000 has a somewhat conservative reputation that's consistent with this part of the country, Mobile does have a sizable - and quite visible - GLBT community, which convenes for the Mobile Gay Pride Festival and Parade in late April - the dates this year are April 26 and 27.

Mobile gay bars as well as gay-popular restaurants, hotels, and shops have special events and parties throughout Pride Weekend. Also take a look at the excellent travel site produced by the city's official tourism organization, the Mobile Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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