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Madrid Gay Pride 2014 - Orgullo Madrid 2014

Celebrating the Gay Pride Festival in Spain's capital city


Spain's captivating and energetic capital city, Madrid, hosts the well-attended Madrid Gay Pride (aka Orgullo LGTB) in late June, just after the hugely attended Barcelona Gay Pride), although many events leading up to Pride take place earlier, kicking off a week ahead (the full dates are June 27 to July 6, 2014). Most of these parties and celebrations are held in the city's Gay Village, the Chueca District, which is a short walk from the city center. The major day of Madrid Gay Pride is Saturday, July 5, 2014 - this is when the city's Gay Pride Parade occurs, followed by the Madrid Gay Pride Festival, which takes place on the city's leafy Plaza de Espana, from 6 pm into the evening.

Additionally, plenty of gay-popular restaurants, hotels, and shops cater heavily to LGBT visitors during this time. Check gay resources, such as GoMadrid.com's Gay Site, the helpful site GayMadrid.com, and Patroc.com's online guide to Gay Madrid, for details about the local scene. Also take a look at the excellent GLBT site produced by the city's official tourism organization, Tourism Madrid.

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