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Hotter Than July 2014 - Detroit Black Gay Pride 2014

Celebrating the oldest Gay Black Pride event in the Midwest


Michigan has a number of well-attended Pride events - among them Michigan Gay Pride in the capital city of Lansing and Western Michigan Pride in Grand Rapids, as well as the largest city in the region, Motor City Pride in Detroit. One of the state's longest-running and most popular gatherings, however, takes place during the often sizzling days of midsummer: Hotter Than July is the Detroit Black Gay Pride celebration, and given the metro region's sizable African-American community, it's no wonder this six-day event draws such a strong attendance. The dates this year are July 22 through July 27, 2014.

Detroit's Hotter Than July celebration, now in its 19th year, includes events each day culminating with the largest parties the final weekend. Here's a full calendar of Hotter Than July events.

The week kicks off on Tuesday, July 22, with a Candlelight Vigil, followed the next evening by a three-hour party on an excursion boat along the Detroit River. On Thursday you can attend the Hotter Than July film festival, and Friday includes a full slate of workshops and educational opportunities known as the Annual Gathering of LGBTQ Issues. Then on Saturday, July 27, the Annual Palmer Park Pride Picnic - from 9 am until 8 pm - draws some 20,000 participants, with live entertainment and music - it's the premier event of Hotter Than July. That night there's an official party, and on Sunday, things wrap up with a brunch and Tea Dance celebration.

For more on the Detroit gay scene, check local gay papers, such as Metra Magazine and Between The Lines/Pride Source for details. Also take a look at the useful travel site produced by the city's official tourism organization, the Detroit CVB.

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