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Beachfront in Cannes, France


Beachfront in Cannes, France
photo by Andrew Collins
Famous for its Cannes Film Festival, the small city of Cannes is a social fixture of the French Riviera, and a must-see for visitors to the south of France. A great way to pass time here, whether or not there's a film festival in town, is to relax at one of the numerous cafes along the golden-sand beach - most of the beachfront restaurants require that you eat there and spend a certain amount of money for access, but it's well worth it to enjoy the scenery. None of these spots along the beach is famously gay, but the whole town is quite friendly and progressive. Here's a look at the gay scene in Cannes, Nice, and elsewhere along the French Riviera.

This snazzy town abundant with chic cafes, ritzy restaurants, and luxe hotels also has a small but burgeoning gay-nightlife scene, with a handful of gay bars. La Croisette and Le Boulevard du Midi are the top thoroughfares for shopping and dining. Noteworthy gay bars in Cannes include Le Zanzibar, Le Hype (at 52 blvd Jean-Jaures), and the outstanding Le Marais restaurant and bar. The town is a short train from Nice and its picturesque beaches and lively clubs and flourishing gay scene.

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