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Ogunquit Beach, facing the tidal Ogunquit River


Ogunquit Beach, facing the tidal Ogunquit River
photo by Andrew Collins
Ogunquit is fringed by more than 3 miles of sandy shoreline, some of it directly facing the ocean, and some of it (as pictured here) facing a more protected tidal river. The beach here draws all walks of life, from families and hetero couples to gay folks, and you can access the beach right from the center of Ogunquit (off of Beach Street - you'll find pay parking lots at end of street). The Ogunquit Trolley also makes stops here. The predominantly gay section (aka "g section") of beach at Ogunquit is to the north, past the volleyball area, where on warm summer days, and especially weekends, you're apt to discover hordes of gay men and lesbians. At this section, you can choose to lie facing the ocean, or you can take some stairs down toward the calmer river area. Ogunquit's gay section is neither nude nor overtly cruisy, although it's not unheard to see bathers strip down to nearly nothing, and guys definitely do meet one another in this area.
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