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Seattle Gay Bars and Gay-Friendly Dining Guide


The beautifully situated, eclectic, and gay-friendly city of Seattle is one of the major GLBT nightlife centers on the West Coast. There are about two-dozen gay bars in the city, most of them clustered in the long-time gay 'hood Capitol Hill, as well as a number of mixed restaurants and coffeehouses that draw a good share of LGBT folks. Here's a look at some of the favorite hangouts among lesbians and gay men in Seattle.

1. Baltic Room - mixed bar

photo by Andrew Collins

2. B&O Espresso - coffeehouse

photo by Andrew Collins

3. Bottleneck Lounge - mixed bar

photo by Andrew Collins

4. CC Attle's - gay bar

photo by Andrew Collins
A friendly, no-attitude neighborhood gay bar with a particularly loyal following among bears and cubs, C.C. Attle's (1701 E. Olive Way, 206-323-4017) opened in the early '90s and has been a fixture of Capitol Hill's gay cruise seen ever since. Although it moved to a new, nattier location in 2011, it remains as popular as ever. C.C.'s is home to the Northwest Bears and stages an official "bear night" the first Saturday of each month, but you'll always find a pretty bearish bunch here, tending toward age 35 and up. The bar used to be affiliated with C.C. Slaughter's in Portland, but I don't believe this is the case any longer - the two bars aren't particularly similar in clientele or theme, other than both being gay clubs. Note that the photo here is of the previous location.

5. Changes - gay bar

photo by Andrew Collins

6. Club Z - gay bathhouse

Club Z (1117 Pike St., 206-622-9958) is just a few blocks from the city's other major gay bathhouse, Steamworks Seattle. This three-story facility tends to draw more bears and guys over 40, and some feel you're apt to encounter a bit less attitude here than at Steamworks, if not necessarily among staff than among other patrons. Also, the rates at Club Z are slightly lower than at Steamworks.

9. The Cuff Complex - gay bar

photo by Andrew Collins

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