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Patio Bar, Reno, Nevada (closed)


Patio Bar, Reno, Nevada (closed)
photo by Andrew Collins

Patio Bar in Reno has closed

One of the few gay bars in Reno that's an easy walk from downtown casino hotels, the Patio (600 W. 5th Ave., 775-323-6565) occupies a cozy refurbished house with, as the name indicates, also has a cheery little back patio where barbecues are sometimes held. This easygoing video bar across the street from the superbly authentic Mexican restaurant Beto's welcomes a mix of women and men (more women on Fridays, but always an all-welcoming bunch). One room to the side has a pair of pool tables, and patrons can watch videos, TV shows, and what not on monitors set around the bar's three rooms. It's a nice no-attitude option early in the evening before venturing to larger clubs, and again, ideal if you don't have wheels or would rather not drive and are staying a few blocks away on the main downtown drag, Virginia Street.

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