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Warehouse 29, Greensboro, North Carolina


Warehouse 29, Greensboro, North Carolina
photo by Andrew Collins
With a spacious dance floor and cool bars inside, and a huge patio and volleyball outside, Warehouse 29 (1011 Arnold St., 336-333-9333) is one of the top gay clubs in North Carolina, and certainly the hot spot for gays and lesbians in the Triad region. This spacious establishment on the industrial east side of Greensboro is open Thursday through Sunday, and per North Carolina's annoying liquor laws, this is a private club - however, guests from out of town won't have trouble buying a membership and then paying the small cover charge. Warehouse 29 draws a fairly young crowd late on weekend nights, and a more age-varied bunch for its popular Sunday afternoon parties. With an impressive sound-and-light system and so many indoor and outdoor areas to mingle and socialize, it's easy to see why revelers come here from as far as Raleigh-Durham (a little over an hour east) and Charlotte (about 90 minutes south).
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