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Steamworks Bathhouse, Seattle, Washington


Steamworks Bathhouse, Seattle, Washington
photo by Andrew Collins
For many years called Club Seattle, the Steamworks Seattle bathhouse (1520 Summit Ave., 206-388-4818) in the city's gay-popular Capitol Hill neighborhood is one of two such venues in the city (there's also a gay sex club). This is part of the well-reputed chain of Steamworks bathhouses, which has additional locales in Chicago, Berkeley, Toronto, and Vancouver. Of the two gay bathhouses in town, Steamworks has a more diverse following - pretty much all types of cruisy men frequent this one, from younger club kids to older guys. That being said, for the most part, the Seattle branch of Steamworks isn't as popular as the others, which is perhaps just a reflection of sex-clubbing being a little less in vogue in Seattle than in the other places. Steamworks Seattle is open 24/7.

The city's other bathhouse, Club Z, is just a few blocks away at 1117 Pike Street. This three-story facility tends to draw more bears and guys over 40, and some feel you're apt to encounter a bit less attitude here than at Steamworks, if not necessarily among staff than among other patrons. Also, the rates at Club Z are slightly lower than at Steamworks.

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