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Irv's Bar, Spokane, Washington


Irv's Bar, Spokane, Washington
photo by Andrew Collins
Although it doesn't specifically identify as a gay establishment, Irv's Bar (415 W. Sprague Ave., just off N. Washington St., 509-624-4450) warmly welcomes a mixed bunch of gays, lesbians, straights, and everybody in between, making it an enjoyable spot for mingling or cocktails in the heart of downtown Spokane. What looks like a relatively compact bar from the street is actually an expansive space with several areas to hang out, including a dance floor, lounge (popular for karaoke), game room (with pool tables and pinball), and more - it's also right beside the LGBT-popular Satellite Diner, and an easy walk from downtown hotels and Spokane's long-running Dempsey's Brass Rail gay nightclub.
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