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Passion Club, Mazatlan, Mexico


Passion Club, Mazatlan, Mexico
photo by Andrew Collins
Passion Club (Av. Playa Gaviotas 417) lies occupies the second level of a building in the heart of Mazatlan's lively Golden Zone, or Zona Dorada - just a few blocks north of Plaza Mazatlan resort and the city's other notable gay disco, the long-running Pepe Toro (it's centrally located, and pretty much any cab driver in town will know the location of both of these bars). In a city that's far less known for gay-clubbing than Puerto Vallarta, Passion Club is nonetheless highly popular and plenty of fun, with great music, friendly bartenders, and a compact but well-lighted interior with comfy lounge chairs and a decent-size dance floor. The bar draws a heavily local crowd much of the year, but during busy tourist times (Carnaval (the dates of Mazatlan Carnaval 2011 are March 3 through 9), spring break, and such), you'll find more of a mix. Of the handful of gay bars in town, this is also the one drawing the youngest crowd (mostly under 30) - a friendly, energetic mix of gay and lesbian clubbers. Things tend to get busiest after midnight.
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