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The Belvedere, Santa Rosa, California


The Belvedere, Santa Rosa, California
photo by Andrew Collins
Sonoma's largest city, Santa Rosa has a number of lounges, wine bars, and restaurants with significant gay followings, although no specifically gay bars. One of the friendliest and likeliest spots to meet fellow GLBT folks is the Belvedere (727 Mendocino Ave., 707-542-1890), which is set on the ground floor of a grand Victorian house a short drive from downtown. Inside you’ll find pool tables, an air-hockey table, a rockin’ juke box, and a bar dispensing plenty of good brews on tap, well-mixed cocktails, and wines by the glass. The kitchen also turns out a decent burger. The big attraction, however, is the enormous tree-shaded patio – it’s a lovely place to chit-chat with friends on a moonlit evening. The Belvedere’s crowd is a catch-all of greater Santa Rosa’s social scene – gays and straights, students and professionals, hipsters and lounge-lizards.
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