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Mega-Plex, Providence, Rhode Island


Mega-Plex, Providence, Rhode Island
photo by Andrew Collins
As Boston is without any sex clubs or bathhouses, New England's top city for cruising and late-night fun is Providence, Rhode Island - it's home to a pair of gay bathhouses, Mega-Plex (pictured here) and Club Body Center. Providence is just an hour's drive south of Boston, so it tends to lure plenty of guys from there as well as in nearby cities like Hartford, Worcester, and even Cape Cod. Here's a look at Providence's Best Gay Bars

Mega-Plex (257 Allens Ave., 401-780-8769) is the largest and most popular of the two, drawing a lively crowd around the clock. The spacious club is a five-minute drive south of downtown in an industrial area of South Providence, near the river and just off I-95. It's along a small strip of sexually charged establishments, most of them straight "gentleman's" clubs, but there's also a gay, all-nude strip bar called Hush Rhode Island in an adjacent building. Mega-Plex lives up to its "mega" billing with some 300 lockers, 75 private rooms, and plenty of fun common areas for strutting, cruising, and mingling. The crowd here is all-ages, ranging from randy college students (Providence and Boston are both major university centers) to more seasoned veterans of bathhouse culture.

With a more central location downtown, within walking distance of several gay bars and a number of hotels, Club Body Center (257 Weybosset St., 401-274-0298) is part of the CBC chain - the other branch is in Philadelphia. Although CBC Providence isn't quite as consistently popular as Mega-Plex, it's long cultivated a loyal following among leather daddies, bears, and beefy butch guys. The crowd tends to be over 35 here.

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