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Town House Bar, St. Paul, Minnesota


Town House Bar, St. Paul, Minnesota
photo by Andrew Collins
Across from a strip of shopping centers in western St. Paul, the Town House Bar (1415 University Ave. W, 651-646-7087) is St. Paul's eldest GLBT nightspot and the most popular women's club in the Twin Cities. It's about a 10-minute drive west of downtown St. Paul, but that also puts it closer to Minneapolis, which is just 15 minutes away. Although the crowd is mostly lesbian most of the time, men often frequent this friendly neighborhood bar, especially on Monday evenings (when it's guys' night). Country line dancing, karaoke, drag revues, and traditional dance tunes are offered during different nights of the week, depending on the bar - it's made up of a main space, and a smaller piano lounge in back called Blanche's.
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