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At Random, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


At Random, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
photo by Andrew Collins
Although the south Milwaukee neighborhood of Bay View has one of the city's stronger representations of GLBT residents, it doesn't actually have any gay bars - most of those are located just a short drive north in Walker's Point. However, Bay View does have its share of quirky, offbeat, and very gay-friendly cafes, restaurants, and lounges, with a particular retro-inviting highlight being At Random (2501 S. Delaware Ave., 414-481-8030). This slightly off-the-beaten-path lounge specializes in foofy, old-school, tropical cocktails, including more than a few with ice cream in them. The dark lounge with kitschy furnishings (including creepy clown paintings) is a big part of the appeal - if John Waters filmed his movies in Milwaukee, he'd likely shoot a few scenes at At Random.
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