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Rainbow Cabaret and Playhouse Theatre, Tampa, Florida


Rainbow Cabaret and Playhouse Theatre, Tampa, Florida
photo by Andrew Collins
Tampa's Rainbow Cabaret and Playhouse Theatre (4421 N. Hubert Ave., 813-877-7585), a gay adult porn and sex plex a few miles north of downtown near Tampa International Airport, is one of the most popular men's cruising grounds in Florida. The club is especially popular during Sunday at the Rainbow, a lively gathering on the club's patio, and the theater shows adult all-male movies 24/7. Similar to a bathhouse (Tampa is also home to the excellent Ybor Resort & Spa gay sauna and hotel), the Rainbow Cabaret also has a large video lounge, three meandering mazes for cruising, a large-screen adult theater, showers and sauna. Daily passes cost $10, with additional charges for lockers and private suites.

In comparison with the city's other gay sex club, Ybor Resort, this sprawling but dated club needs updating, although management has been renovating suites and making some improvements. Crowds can be uneven, and it's in a somewhat sketchy area, too.

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