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The Lounge, West Palm Beach, Florida


The Lounge, West Palm Beach, Florida
photo by Andrew Collins
One of the several lively and hip restaurants and clubs in downtown West Palm Beach's historic Clematis Street neighborhood, The Lounge (517 Clematis St., 561-655-9747) is a sushi bar early in the evening the transforms into a gay dance club later at night. It's across the street from one of the most famous music clubs in South Florida, Respectable Street (561-832-9999), which is also quite gay-friendly - it's not uncommon for patrons (gay and straight) to visit both spots. The Lounge has an attractive decor and a fun little patio, too. It's the only gay hangout that's right downtown, within walking distance of several hotels, and it's a short drive northeast of the other popular gay nightclub in West Palm Beach, H.G. Rooster's.
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