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InCahoots, Jacksonville, Florida


InCahoots, Jacksonville, Florida
photo by Andrew Collins
One of the two biggest and most popular gay dance clubs in Jacksonville (with The Metro being the other), InCahoots (711 Edison Ave., 904-353-6316) is more centrally located than its rival, just on the western edge of downtown and close to the uber-queer shopping and dining of Historic Five Points in Riverside. It also tends to draw a somewhat younger crowd (18-and-up on Thursdays and Saturdays), although both places cater to the gay clubbing set and are each plenty of fun in their own ways. This rambling, multi-room space occupies one floor and comprises a decent-size dance floor with a central bar, a mid-size bar with pool tables, a VIP bar, and a mellow side bar that's better for chatting with friends.

InCahoots pretty much always draws a mix of mostly gay men and some lesbians, again tending skewing toward the under-35 set. A very fun, low-attitude gay club, all in all.

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