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Georgie's Alibi, St. Petersburg, Florida


Georgie's Alibi, St. Petersburg, Florida
photo by Andrew Collins
The Gulf Coast outpost of the popular Georgie's Alibi (3100 3rd Ave. N, 727-321-2112) gay bar family (the others are in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Palm Springs, CA), this super-popular dance club and gay video bar is de rigueur with young clubbers, twinks, students, professionals, and gay A-listers in St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay region. If there's a stand-and-model hangout in these parts, Georgie's is undoubtedly it, but the easygoing staff and fun music keep this from ever feeling excessive in attitude.

The sprawling, nicely decorated club is in historic Kenwood, just a few blocks north of the bustling Grand Central strip. Georgie's has a cafe menu (burgers, sandwiches, salads), making it a welcome option for late-night dining and Sunday brunch. Key events here include Monday drag bingo, Wednesday pool tournaments and drag shows, some of the best drag shows in the state, male dancers on weekends, Noche Latina on Sunday evenings, and booze-soaked tea parties on Thursdays.

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