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Fiesta Room Lounge, Panama City, Florida


Fiesta Room Lounge, Panama City, Florida
photo by Andrew Collins
A fun, welcoming gay club in downtown Panama City, the Fiesta Room Lounge (100 Harrison Ave., 850-763-1755) occupies a vintage redbrick building with tall windows, decorative ironwork, and a fantastic old neon sign - it feels a bit like something out of the New Orleans French Quarter. Inside is a colorful bar with drag shows many nights, friendly-priced drinks, and a mixed crowd of gay men, lesbians, and a fair number of straights. It's about a 30-minute drive from the area's other gay club, Splash Bar, in Panama City Beach, and from late February through early April, the Feista Room sees an influx of revelers and students who descend upon the area for Panama City's famed spring break celebration.
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