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The state's political center and the less populous half of the Twin Cities metropolitan area, St. Paul is situated along the banks of the Mississippi River. With a compact, manageable downtown and some of the Midwest's most charming historic neighborhoods, down-to-earth St. Paul makes for an enjoyable getaway, although it's less trendy and somewhat more conservative than Minneapolis, it does have a comparatively small but cohesive LGBT community and a few gay bars. Here's a look.
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Minnesota Capitol building, overlooking downtown St. PaulRumours & Innuendo, a gay lounge and dance bar in downtown St. PaulW.A. Frost, an elegant restaurant in historic Summit HillGrand Avenue, a charming stretch of shopping and dining west of downtown
Downtown St. Paul (pictured here is the Lowertown section)Camp, a popular downtown gay dance bar and cabaret Cathedral Hill B&B, a historic three-bedroom in charming Summit Hill Summit Avenue Historic District, west of downtown St. Paul
Common Good Books and Nina's Cafe, on Cathedral HillA Piece of Cake Bakery (and Bon Vie Cafe), on Selby Avenue in Cathedral HillJames J. Hill House museum, on Summit Avenue in Cathedral HillTown House Bar, a popular lesbian bar on St. Paul's west side
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