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Fox Bar, Overland Park, Kansas (a nearby KC suburb)


Fox Bar, Overland Park, Kansas (a nearby KC suburb)
photo by Andrew Collins
Of the handful of metro Kansas City gay bars that require a short excursion outside the city center, the Fox Bar (7520 Shawnee Mission Pkwy, Overland Park, KS, 913-384-0369) near Overland Park, Kansas is the one to make the effort for. It's technically in the town of Mission, an easy 10-minute drive from the Westport section of Kansas City, and it draws a genuinely eclectic mix of gay men and lesbians of all ages, from suburbanites for whom this is the closest gay hangout to others who simply enjoy the friendly vibe, attractive interior, and stiff drinks. Fox Bar has avidly attended karaoke nights plus a fun juke box, and there are three pool tables in a brightly lighted side-bar area. The staff is welcoming and fun, and the mood here is highly welcoming, if a bit cliquey (only in the sense that many of the patrons here know each other). Still, this is Kansas City, a remarkably easy place to make new friends.
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