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Daddy's Backdoor Bar (closed January 2011)


Daddy's Backdoor Bar (closed January 2011)
photo by Andrew Collins
NOTE: Daddy's Backdoor Bar was closed as of January 2011, although there are rumors that the owners may reopen it.

Kansas City's No. 1 gay bars for leather dudes, bears, and hard-core cruisers, Daddy's Backdoor Bar (1610 Main St.) occupies a vintage redbrick building in the city's Crossroads Arts District, just a short walk south of downtown. Daddy's is home to the city's Kansas City Cave Bear group, and also has an online fetish and leather gear shop. Daddies, leather guys, bears, cubs, and the like frequent this dark and invitingly butch bar that has beer busts on Fridays and Sundays, hanky nights on certain Saturdays, and plenty of other events, from live music to visiting porn stars to cowboy parties. In keeping with KC's friendly vibe, this is also a quite welcoming bar, as long as you visit in the spirit of the scene. It's also an excellent resource for anybody looking to learn more about the gay leather and gay bear scenes.

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