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Mass Ave Arts District


Mass Ave Arts District
photo by Andrew Collins
On the northeastern edge of downtown, the Mass Ave Arts District is not only the heart of Indianapolis's gay and lesbian community but one of six distinctive, revitalized neighborhoods that have been linked together via the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. From about New York Street northeast to Bellefontaine Street and I-70, Massachusetts Avenue (along with its cross streets) is lined with cool boutiques, gay-popular lounges and restaurants, theaters, and historic buildings. This photo is facing northeast, around the intersection with Walnut Street, right by the Metro gay bar.

The Cultural Trail is an urban bike-and-pedestrian path that runs throughout downtown, connecting the Mass Ave Arts District with five other districts: Fountain Square, Indiana Avenue, the Canal & White River State Park, and the Wholesale District. The first phase of the trail went through the Mass Ave neighborhood and included innovative public art installations (like a LED "Dancing Woman" sculpture along Mass Avenue). Here's a map of the entire Cultural Trail network.

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