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Queen's Surf gay beach, Waikiki


Queen's Surf gay beach, Waikiki
photo by Andrew Collins
By far the most popular gay beach in Hawaii, and one of the most scenic and well-known in the world, Queen's Surf Beach is a relatively secluded stretch of sand in the heart of Waikiki, but along a section with no direct hotel frontage - this accounts for the fact there's more privacy and fewer families here than to the north or south. The beach here draws a mostly gay-male crowd, although certainly not exclusively so, as plenty of lesbians and straights seeking seclusion tan their hides here, too.

Queen's Surf is easy to reach - it's just a short walk along the beachfront south of where Kapaluhu Avenue intersects with Kalakaua Avenue at the beach (not far from Hula's gay bar). The approximate street address is 2715 Kalakaua Ave., across from Honolulu Zoo and the northwest edge of Kapiolani Park, and just north of Waikiki Aquarium. There's a small covered pavilion along the grassy area behind the beach that has restrooms and a snack bar, and plenty of GLBT folks also lie along this grassy section. A bit farther northwest along the beach, you'll also find a nice-size volleyball court

There's no nudity along here, and it's far too centralized to qualify as cruisy in any racy way, but that's not to say this isn't an excellent spot to mingle, make new friends, and find out what's on during the evening. As the day progresses and the sun sets, many of the beachgoers here walk over to nearby Hula's gay bar for some post-beach socializing and hobnobbing. It's a very congenial scene, not particularly attitude-y or stuffy. All shapes and sizes congregate here, including plenty of tourists just working on their tans.

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