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Max's Private Club, a gym and gay bathhouse on the edge of Waikiki


Max's Private Club, a gym and gay bathhouse on the edge of Waikiki
photo by Andrew Collins
If you're looking for a sure-fire gay hookup in Honolulu, your best bet is Max's (444 Hobron Lane, 808-951-8232), a private club set on the upper level (4th floor) of an innocuous plaza of shops and offices in western Waikiki, near Ala Wai Canal and Ala Moana shopping mall. Max's has two distinct parts, a well-equipped gym that caters pretty much exclusively to gay men, and a separate bathhouse/sex club that has the usual array of video channels airing gay porn, private cabins, and steam room and sauna.

There are a few notable and very positive things about Max's: although the neighborhood it's in is slightly off the beaten path and not particularly exciting, it's also very safe and relatively convenient to Waikiki hotels. The staff at Max's is low-keyed and pleasant, and because the gym is separate but adjacent to the bathhouse, the establishment draws a good mix of guys just looking to work out, guys looking to get laid, and guys potentially open to both things. The space is on an upper level and very private, but there's also an open-air lanai with a little snack bar. And Max's is open all day and all night, every day of the week. Because it's friendly and low-keyed yet with a devoted loyal clientele of regulars, Max's is a nice option both for inexperienced types who haven't visited bathhouses and sex clubs much as well as seasoned veterans (especially those who have a penchant for Asian guys and Islanders).

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