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Fusion and LoJax gay bars, side-by-side on Kuhio Avenue


Fusion and LoJax gay bars, side-by-side on Kuhio Avenue
photo by Andrew Collins
Fusion Waikiki, which sits right beside LoJax (formerly Angles) gay sports bar, is the last GLBT hangouts along what was once Hawaii's most prominent strip of gay-oriented businesses, on Kuhio Avenue. Most of the other businesses closed in the late '90s to make way for new construction, and the venerable Hula's gay bar moved to a new spot, where it continues to thrive. Fusion is a long-popular spot for dancing, while LoJax replaced the old Angles hangout and now aims to be Waikiki's gay sports bar.

Fusion Waikiki (2260 Kuhio Ave., 2nd floor, 808-924-2422) is the only gay bar in Hawaii that's open and serving liquor until 4 am (the others stop serving by 2 am), and the club presents a stable of handsome male strippers on Friday and Saturday nights around midnight-ish. There's also karaoke some evenings (usually early in the week), and some quite fun drag shows. Most gay visitors to Honolulu make it a point to spend time at both of these bars along with the city's other top gay hangout, Hula's (and to a lesser extent at the tiny gay neighborhood bar In Between, which is a few blocks from Fusion/LoJax).

LoJax on Seaside (2256 Kuhio Ave., 2nd floor, 808-922-1422) remains lively place to shoot pool, knock back a few beers, and mingle with gay friends. It's next door to Fusion (they're both on the second floor of a building on Kuhio at the corner of Seaside Avenue, a short walk from the largest cluster of resorts on Waikiki Beach).

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