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BoyzTown, gay strip bar on South Broadway


BoyzTown, gay strip bar on South Broadway
photo by Andrew Collins
It's dive-y, cruise-y, slightly raunchy, and plenty of fun: BoyzTown (117 Broadway, 303-722-7373) is a highly popular part of the gruff but lovable South Broadway gay scene, a neighbor of such standbys as the Compound/Basix and late BJ's Carousel (a venerable Denver gay bar that closed in July 2011) - it's also close to the very fun Hornet Restaurant and Bar, as well as Il Vicino pizzeria. Part of the excitement (or, at the very least, amusement) is that BoyzTown employs a sizable stable of gregarious strippers and go-go boys, who perform each evening to the delight of sauced and saucy patrons. As gay strip bars go, the crowd is remarkably age-diverse and friendly.
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