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Steamworks Chicago, Lakeview


Steamworks Chicago, Lakeview
photo by Andrew Collins

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Part of a franchise of well-regarded, well-kept bathhouses with branches in Berkeley, Seattle, Toronto, and Vancouver, Steamworks Chicago (3246 N. Halsted St., 773-929-6080) has a handy location along Halsted Street, steps from more than a dozen gay bars in the neighborhood. This helps account for the facility's staggering popularity late on weekend evenings, after most clubs let out, and when plenty of cruisy guys on the make are still out in search of company for the night. But this is also a safe, clean, rather upscale club that in addition to being a cruisy place for men and "hang out with men" is also a well-equipped gym and health club (although if you're looking for a non-bathhouse work-out option, go with Fitness Formula, down the street). Guest rates aren't cheap, but if it's quality you're after, this is the best game in town. In Andersonville, check out Man's Country (popular with an older, leather-minded set) bathhouse.

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