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Man's Country bathhouse, Andersonville


Man's Country bathhouse, Andersonville
photo by Andrew Collins
Gay nightlife in Andersonville tends toward the leather and Levi's set (check out the Jackhammer, for instance), and a somewhat older, more bearish, and less attitude-y crowd than is typical in Lakeview bars, and this same general characterization applies to the neighborhood's gay bathhouse, Man's Country (5015 N. Clark St., 773-878-2069), which opened in the early 1970s and differs from some in this genre because of its famed gay strip shows on Friday and Saturday nights (often featuring guests from the gay porn industry). Man's Country has all the usual private-room and locker options available as well as "Fantasy Rooms" - some of these have slings, and the S/M Suite has its very own spanking bench. In Lakeview, Steamsworks is the main bathhouse.
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