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Scandals gay nightclub, at the historic Grove House


Scandals gay nightclub, at the historic Grove House
photo by Andrew Collins
Probably the most storied gay nightclub in North Carolina, with a gay-club history that dates to 1982 and a building history that goes back to the 1920s, Scandals (11 Grove St., 828-505-1612) is Asheville's most popular GLBT nightspot, and the state's biggest gay bar. The club occupies the fabled Grove House building and comprises four different bars, a Pride boutique and gay gift shop, and a private-events space. It's on the west edge of downtown, an easy walk from dining and shopping as well as several hotels.

Scandals opened as a gay bar in 1982, inside the former gymnasium of what had been Asheville's YWCA. Over time, different sections of the building have been opened as separate bars, although it's all ostensibly one big club. You enter down a side alley next to (on the north side) of the building, pay a cover fee if you're not a member (like many North Carolina nightclubs, this is technically a private club, but visitors are welcome with ID and guest fees aren't too steep), and you have free rein of the building and its different bars.

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