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One of the great world capitals for gay and lesbian travelers, permissive and progressive Amsterdam blends rich history with cutting-edge design and fashion. Myriad gay bars and porn shops mingle alongside charming canal-side hotels, swish boutiques, and erudite bookstores. This intimate city is easy to explore on foot, reasonably priced, and an iconic gay destination. Here's a photographic guide to gay Amsterdam, from trendy nightspots to leafy parks.
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Canal Boats along Keizersgracht at nightLloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy, in the Easter Harbor neighborhoodEastern Docklands canal houses, along Stokerkade and Scheepstimmermanstraatde Spijker gay bar, on Kerkstraat
Homomonument, a tribute to the Gay Right movement, on Keizersgracht CanalHet Tuynhuis, a modern French restaurant on Reguliersdwaarsstraat (closed)H&M department store, in a cool building on KalverstraatRembrandtplein, with its grassy lawns and gardens
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