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Belmont Shore beach (the gay-popular section across from Club Ripples)


Belmont Shore beach (the gay-popular section across from Club Ripples)
photo by Andrew Collins
There isn't necessarily a clear gay section at any of the broad, sandy beaches in Long Beach, but the area of Belmont Shore beach (E. Ocean Blvd., at Granada Ave.) across from the gay bar Club Ripples has the strongest GLBT following. This part of the beach adjoins a parking area with metered spots. Belmont Shore is popular for kite-flying, jogging, fishing off the pier (several blocks west of here), and biking or blading along a paved path that curves through the center of the beach. It's always a fun mix of people.Visible from the beach is the curious mix of ships that ply the waters of Long Beach, from enormous tankers to Navy craft to cruise ships.

Belmont Shore is on the east side of Long Beach, adjacent to a historic residential neighborhood of the same name that abounds with enchanting arts and crafts bungalows. A few blocks inland, East 2nd Street is lined with restaurants and shopping, and to the east, the Naples neighborhood is a series of tiny islands separated by canals that bears a resemblance to Venice Beach. The beach continues well west of the Belmont Shore neighborhood toward downtown - in fact, you can follow the paved jogging/blading path right into downtown.

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