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Self Serve, hip and cheerful sex toy and erotica shop in Nob Hill


Self Serve, hip and cheerful sex toy and erotica shop in Nob Hill
photo by Andrew Collins
A cheerful and fun sex toy and erotica shop as well as an all-around resource center on sexuality and sex education, Self Serve (3904B Central Ave. SE, 505-265-5815) is right in the heart of Albuquerque's hip Nob Hill neighborhood, and it offers a welcoming, clean, well-lighted alternative environment for buying and learning about dildos, vibrators, lube, bondage and S&M gear, lingerie and underwear, erotic movies and books, and just about anything else you can think of that relates to adult play and intimacy.

The women-owned shop caters to a diverse audience, as it's stocked with plenty of toys and supplies for women and men, and it's an ardent supporter of the city's LGBT community. Owners Matie Fricker and Molly Adler have experience teaching sex ed - they and their staff are extremely knowledgeable and happy to answer questions, whether it's that silicone Joy Stick butt plug you've had your eye on, you'd simply like to know which lubes work best with which activities, or your keen to dabble in light bondage. It's a nicely laid-out shop, with shelves of products arranged by theme.

The owners also run the much-praised (and amusingly controversial) erotic film festival, Pornotopia, held in early November at Nob Hill's groovy Guild Cinema. In short, this shop has quickly become a vital member of not only the vibrant Nob Hill neighborhood, but also Albuquerque and its LGBT community. The shop also does a brisk mail-order business from its well-designed website,

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