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Dallas Gay Bathhouses and Sex Clubs Guide



Midtowne Spa Dallas

photo by Andrew Collins

Club Dallas and Midtowne Spa are the city's two gay bathhouses; they're just around the corner from one another, a bit north of downtown in the historic Deep Ellum district, about a 10-minute drive south of Uptown's Oak Lawn gay nightlife district.

Club Dallas (2616 Swiss Ave., 214-821-1990) is right by the DART light-rail station, in large building with a clean interior and a friendly staff. You'll find a good-size gym with a nice locker room, a full range of modern equipment (it's nice enough that plenty of guys do come here for their workouts), a steam room and sauna, a whirlpool tub large enough to accommodate a few good men, a nice little cafe overlooking the large outdoor pool and sundeck, and lounge areas with sofas and a pool table. It's an impressive place with the somewhat upscale vibe that you might expect in a city like Dallas, which has some of the swankiest gay nightclubs and bars in the country. That all said, rates are inline with other gay spas and bathhouses, starting at $15 for basic lockers to $20 for basic rooms. The facility is part of the national brand, with facilities in Houston, Fort Lauderdale, Indianapolis. New Orleans, Orlando, St. Louis, and Columbus.

Nearby Midtowne Spa (2509 Pacific Ave., 214-821-8989) is known for its third-floor rooftop deck and small pool, where you can take in nice views of the downtown skyline, not to mention the fellow lounging patrons. Other pluses include mazes, slings, a St. Andrews Cross, and various theme rooms (with mirrors, jail themes, and other playful features). You'll find a large gym on the ground floor, along with the usual sauna and steam room as well as a two-level hot tub, and the second floor is where you'll find the private rooms (standards, video rooms, doubles, and so on). Rates are fairly similar to those of Club Dallas, and both clubs can become very popular, depending on the night. Also a national chain, Midtowne Spa has other branches in Houston, Austin, Denver, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles (there are three in the metro area).

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