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Suggested Travel Itineraries and Advice on Gay Travel Planning

Articles describing detailed gay travel itineraries to gay-popular destinations, including what's best to see in one day, multi-city gay vacations, gay road-trips, three-day weekends, and other logical and fun gay travel itineraries.

A Gay-Friendly Four Corners Road Trip: AZ, NM, CO, and UT
An article by Andrew Collins detailing the perfect 10-day itinerary for planning a gay-friendly road trip through the Four Corners region, including Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico

10 Days in Costa Rica
An article by Andrew Collins for Seattle Gay News on how to plan a 10-day gay travel adventure in Costa Rica.

Queer Road Trip Ohio: From River to Shining Sea
An article describing a colorful queer road-trip through Ohio.

Queer Road Trip Pennsylvania: An American Art Adventure
An article describing an art-themed gay road adventure through Pennsylvania

72 Hours in San Francisco
Article on describing the perfect three-day itinerary in San Francisco.

72 Hours in Amsterdam
Article describing a perfect three-day weekend in Amsterdam.

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