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Gay China Travel - Travel in Gay China

Stories about gay travel in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hong Kong, and elsewhere.

China Gay Bars Gallery
Photos of gay bars, nightclubs, lounges, cabarets, and other nightlife options in China

How Gay-Friendly is Shanghai?
A gay perspective on the list of 31 places that the New York Times included in its round-up of "Places to Go," with GLBT profiles of Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong - Gay-Friendly Luxury Hotels Hong Kong
An article about the gay-friendly Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hong Kong, China

Gay Bars in Shanghai - Nightlife in Gay Shanghai - Gay China
A nightlife guide to Gay Shanghai. The lowdown on the gay Shanghai bar scene, including clubs, lounges, coffeehouses, and bars.

Gay China - Gay Beijing - Destination Gay Bar
A description of Beijing's trendiest and most popular gay nightclub, Destination.

A Look at Gay Nightlife Scene in Shanghai
An article in the New York Times discusses the growing numbers of gay nightlife options in Shanghai - a nice overview

Exploring Gay Hong Kong
An article by Andrew Collins on exploring Gay Hong Kong

Exploring Gay Beijing and Gay Shanghai
An article by Andrew Collins for Bgay.com on visiting Beijing and Shanghai

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